• 1977

    A difficult start …

    Finma - start - 1977 garage

    Foundation of Finma-Chemie GmbH by the owner Gerd R. Vössing as a producer and trading company. The first additives for coating systems, adhesives and construction chemicals are yet being produced in a garage. 

  • 1982

    Here we go

    Finma - Moving in

    Finma-Chemie moves into the production and laboratory site in Rosbach vor der Höhe, which is still used today. The production with small mixing plants is built up. The first product lines are Armipent®, a fibrous rheology and reinforcing additive, and Finma-Sorb molecular sieve paste for selective water adsorption in reactive resins.

    Finma - first production maschines


  • 1984 - 1990

    Progress made ...

    Finma - Rosbach - office building - 1984

    Finma-Chemie acquires a new administration building. The sales activities can be expanded and an increasing sales success with micro-waxes sets in. 

  • 1996-1997

    Going global

    first lab Finma Chemie Rosbach

    In order to meet our increasing quality requirements, a new QC laboratory is planned and installed. At the same time, Finma-Chemie is increasing its global market presence.

    Finma - paste delivery - road tanker

    In the EU, whole tanker trucks are being loaded with molecular sieve paste for the first time.
    Overseas customers (USA) are served with full container loads of IBCs.


  • 1998

    Looking for a partner

    Sylysia delivery - Finma Rosbach

    The sales activities and our product range are significantly expanded through a partnership with the Japanese company Fuji Silysia.


    Back then, Fuji Silysia already was an established manufacturer of micronized silica powders for matting and anti-blocking. Today’s production site is Silysiamont S.p.A. in Italy.

  • 1999

    On the big stage

    Finma Booth ECS 1999

    For the first time, Finma-Chemie presents itself, its own products and its distribution products at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, the leading trade fair for the international coatings industry.
    What began as a booth sublease, has evolved enormously to this day.

    Finma - ECS - booth 2017


  • 2000

    "Maybe a bit bigger?"

    Finma - Rosbach - paste production

    In order to meet the increasing demand of our customers, the production capacity of our molecular sieve paste is tripled by the installment new plants. 

  • 2001

    Black on white...

    ISO 9001-certificate - symbol - SGS

    For the first time, our quality management is certified according to ISO: 9001. A living quality management that is characterized by constant improvement. This is proved by the gapless re-certification to the present day. 


  • 2002-2003


    Finma - Rosbach - aerial view - extension

    “Where should we do it all?” A good question that could only be answered by the addition of a new building part with a laboratory and offices. 

    Finma - Rosbach - lab extension

  • 2002-2003

    Cooperation started

     During the same period, the distribution partnership with Sekisui Plastics in Japan, which is expanding the portfolio of Finma-Chemie with the product series Techpolymer, is starting. Techpolymer powders are polymeric microbeads that produce surface effects in various coating systems. Whether matting, slip resistance, light diffraction or texturing, completely new applications areas can now be served. 

    Sekisui Plastics - logo - small


  • 2007

    "How should we produce it all"

    Finma - new production equipment - mixer

    Another expansion of our production is pending. Sales growth in the area of our Armipent® products motivates us to plan and install larger specialty mixers for fibrous additives. At the same time, we form our Technical Service Group (TSG). The main task of this new group is to examine existing and newly developed additives in terms of application technology and to support our customers with the knowledge gained. 

  • 2014-2015

    Follow the market trends


    Our own application technology is extended, to help our customers with questions about the latest application methods. Results are the new UV laboratory and a construction chemical laboratory for basic material characterization.

    Finma - Mastersizer in our lab


  • 2017

    A reason to celebrate

    Finma-since-1977 - banner old

    We are celebrating our 40th anniversary and happily look back on the steady development every single employee contributes to. At this time, we have produced and sold well over 10,000 tons of molecular sieve paste. 

  • 2018

    Moving on

    Finma - Rosbach - new technical service lab

    To additional employees, new products and new laboratories also new storage space will be acquired this year – but everything is the same on the outside? As if! 2018 is the year of our new corporate identity, with a company name change to Finma GmbH and a fresh appearance with new logo and new website. 


  • 2020

    Company logo Finma GmbH